Why myXIMI

The myXIMI application results from research and study related to the paradigm of loneliness, being scientifically proven that it has a high potential in the development of neuro-degenerative diseases, depressions, bad eating habits and even a sedentary lifestyle that can lead to a total absence of physical and social activity, regardless of age, although there is a higher incidence in the most senior age group.


Loneliness is a real and growing problem that affects millions of people around the world. It is also responsible for the appearance of other disorders (physical and mental).

As if that were not enough, people who are alone are the first to neglect their health, forget about themselves and are the last to ask for help.


In view of the evolution of the existing number of seniors, as well as the forecast regarding their growth, due to the increase in average life expectancy, there is an urgent need for this age group to remain as healthy and active as possible. This goes through the evolution of medicine, but also in ensuring, through the evolution of technology that after the end of professional life, this age group remains active at the physical / mental level.


This is how our myXIMI application appears, it takes the form of an application! But it is, in fact, more than that, it is a portal that connects users with their friends, family and communities, using gamification and cognitive intelligence to offer personalized challenges, keeping their users active and connected.


It is like a river, a flow of important information that helps caregivers and medical entities in tracking, interacting, treating and, hopefully, avoiding loneliness in its users.

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