myXIMI Benefits

The myXIMY Application, contributes to the development and acquisition of data related to determining factors in the area of ​​health, since users enter data / parameters related to their health and well-being, and they can be monitored by the user or even by the media that accompanies that user. In this way the application contributes to the understanding of health determining factors (Nutrition, physical activity, gender, environment, socioeconomic, occupational, etc.) with a special focus on nutrition, physical and motor and occupational activity.

The myXIMY Application, promoting an active life and greater control in terms of taking medication and recording parameters such as blood pressure or temperature, as well as nutrition by users, contributes to the prevention, treatment, surveillance and management of diseases and deficiencies (cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases, rare diseases, brain diseases, infectious diseases, diseases related to poverty; diseases carried by animals, fighting epidemics).

The myXIMY Application. it also promotes active aging. autonomous and healthy, given that this is its main focus, which served as a basis for its development.

Fight loneliness and make people happier and more active!

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