myXIMI Development

The basis of the development of the myXIMY Application, is precisely to create conditions for healthy aging and an active life. The application is based on the Gaming concept, in which the user will have / will be able to record parameters such as blood pressure, temperature, pulse, medication taken, among others, as well as perform social activities that motivate them to have an active life.


Such information can be monitored by the user or by authorized third parties, and it is even possible that the physician accompanying the user may have access to such records. The development of this application and its introduction in the various markets is highly innovative, and very distinctive, creating enormous value for areas such as the health area.


Thus, the aim of this project is to make known and introduce the application myXIMY in international markets that have had a significant variation in the evolution of the senior population and in which this population has access and capacity to use this type of technology.

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