Early fire detection is critical to contain damage and avoid total devastation.

Bee2FireDetection solutions runs 365x24h detecting fires automatically in early stages up to 15km radius range to assist decision making to fast response and operations support in firefighting efforts.

Forest production activities also benefits from data collected to detect plagues, evaluate crop planning and development.

Forest Edition

Long Range

Effectively detects fires up to 15km away and 360º around using a patented spectrometric analysis during day time an optical analysis at night time making it the solution to cover valuable assets at long range distances.

Industrial Edition

Medium Range

Effectively detects fires up to 2km away and 360º around using a thermal camera analysing the evolution in time and space with self developed algorithms, making it the solution to cover valuable assets at medium range distances.

Automation is the Future

Automatic Fast Detection

It operates autonomously and continuously to detect and locate fires automatically in the early stages allowing rapid and accurate firefighter actions.

Alerts Where Needed

Alerts displayed at the user interface can be configured to be sent by SMS, e-mail or comand-line or be integrated on another alert system or software.

Tech Notes

Surveillance and Supervision

Active supervision

Actively surveil the covered area for suspicious acts using the system provided tools for inspection actions to anticipate potential threats.

Fire monitoring

In addition to the fire detection function, each system records an image about every 10 seconds. At the command center, the fire is monitored using these images. An optional pan & tilt remotely controlled video camera can also integrate the solution for additional versatility

Weather Monitoring

With the installation of optional weather stations, collected data is used to determine fire hazards and support decision making for patterns and surveillance procedures.

Simple and effective

Intuitive Web Control

System access is done by an intuitive web platform, on a pc, tablet or mobile phone, supporting comprehensive user management with different authorization levels and log actions.

User management

Multi level user management to fulfil every organization requirement.

Logs and reports

System status, logs and reports for complete awareness of system performance.

Deployed anywhere

Easy deploy

The solution can be fully assembled off site and transported to its final location. There’s also a mobile version and a movable version of the system that allows for easy relocation.

Sun Powered

Batteries charged by solar panels can provide the energy needed to power up the system, for a fully flexible implementation and coverage maximization.

Any IP infrastructure

It can operate over any IP communication infrastructure – cable, 3G/4G, point-to-point, satellite.

Your Decision, Assisted

Action decision assisted

The machine does the routine work. The human makes the sensitivity analysis to make the informed decision of the actions to implement.

Maintenance friendly

The system station have an electronic “watchdog” to monitor all components and give feedback whenever needed. Modular backbone construction facilitates maintenance operations.

Assisted firefighting operations

The provided system data assist decisions on firefighting operations by providing real time information over affected area.

Always at your Service

365x24h Operation

The system runs continuously no matter the conditions are, no complains, no fatigue, always watchful.

365x24h Support

A specialized team provides support 365x24h and the all system is assisted remotely at user and maintenance levels, providing high availability and usability confidence.


Operations tracking

Track firefighter operations on the ground with live feedback location on the same system where you monitor the fire events, increasing resources safety and improving efficiency.

Data analysis

Analyse default data collected or new with additional probes to complementary improve your business activity.

IoT probes

Additional IoT probes can complement system benefits providing data collection and operations control over the Bee2FireDetection backbone infrastruture.

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